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I love all things paranormal and I am what some call a “neo-Victorian.” The nineteenth century fascinates me like no other period in history. It was in the Victorian age (roughly 1819 to 1901 or a wee bit longer) that Spiritualism was born. It was in the Victorian age that so many of our modern perceptions of the paranormal were shaped and so we will explore this era and the people who lived it.


I will be updating this site as often as I can.

My focus will be on those Victorians who made a contribution to our understanding of the continuity of life.

Whatever your particular belief system might be I hope you will find kindred spirits here (no pun intended). I am a collector of Ouija – boards, images, and lore. I am a proficient tarot reader, and a medium. I will offer my experience and that of others. I will bring you the best links, reviews of books and movies that deal thematically with the paranormal, we will discuss mediumship and explore a variety of beliefs about life after death and the spirit world, I will place on display my private collection of spirit or Ouija boards, and we will explore the seemingly limitless world or the tarot; all in one place. I hope you share your comments and thoughts but most of all I hope you enjoy the journey.

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