Ouija: An Interview with maker Kelsang Drime

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Ouija: An Interview with maker Kelsang Drime

I obtain the vast majority of my boards on E Bay.
I love E Bay but you must be a smart and educated shopper.
I have seen many boards misrepresented or overpriced.

I shop for historic boards to complete my collection and I shop for hand crafted boards that appeal to my appreciation of the board as an art form. Every once in a while I find a hand crafted board that is both beautiful and functional. Among the best in this category are the boards made by Kelsang Drime. They are not cheap but they are worth the price.

As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be in my collection. When it arrived it took my breath away and even though I have favorite “user” boards, I could not resist the urge to give this one a spin. I connected with a friendly spirit named Gil and we had a nice but brief conversation.

The board is pictured below but honestly my attempt at photography does not do it justice.

Ouija 8 13 001

The E Bay description of this board is as follows:

“EBay My World: kelsangdrime

“This 14” x 17” x 5” OUIJA BOARD is unique in that it was made according to Spiritual Guidance received directly from the Other Side.

“This OUIJA BOARD was made from a SINGLE piece of high-quality Walnut. It was then glued to a sheet of 8-layer Oak plywood in order to prevent the natural bending/bowing of the Walnut. The Walnut was then routed and sanded to allow for a Glass insert. The OUIJA BOARD was finished with Special Walnut Stain and 3 coats of Polyurethane.

“The Glass was measured and cut to fit the Walnut inset, 4 holes were drilled into the Glass at each corner and then Tempered to prevent injury in case of breakage (it will shatter if broken).
4 holes were then drilled into the OUIJA BOARD to allow for the Glass to be attached to the OUIJA BOARD using 4 screws, 4 “Cross Conchos” on the top, and 4 Anti-skid Rubber Pads on the bottom.

“The PLANCHETTE is also made from the same piece of Walnut. Its design is also according to Spiritual Guidance received directly from the Other Side. It is also lightly stained and finished with 2-3 coats of Polyurethane. 3 Round Felt Pads allow for smooth movement of the PLANCHETTE over the Tempered Glass.

“Altogether, this OUIJA BOARD and the PLANCHETTE combine to create a POWERFUL TOOL through which those on the Other Side—be they family, friends, or your Spiritual Guides—can communicate with you.

“The OUIJA BOARD and PLANCHETTE are, however, NOT A GAME, in any way, shape or form. This is NOT to say that they are inherently dangerous or harmful to one’s body, mind and/or soul (as some might have you believe). The OUIJA BOARD and PLANCHETTE do, however, facilitate the OPENING of your SPIRITUAL AWARENESS of the Other Side and this REQUIRES PROPER PROTECTION and PREPARATION. In this regard, I included certain “protections”—absent in most other Boards—in the construction of the OUIJA BOARD according to Spiritual Guidance received directly from the Other Side. More extensive, written instructions regarding the proper care and protections of your SPIRITUAL AWARENESS can be provided upon request.”

I loved the board so much that I began a correspondence with the maker. What follows is our exchange. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Kelsang,

I mentioned in my last message that I would like to interview you for my web site.
I’d still like to do that if you are interested. I thought to get things started you might think about these questions:

What was your first experience with Ouija?

To be absolutely honest, my first experience with Ouija is with these Boards I made. I’d heard all the horror stories about opening portals to the Spirit World that you can’t close and thus allowing negative forces into your life, so I was never motivated to use an Ouija Board. Anyway, in January 2013 I woke up wanting an Ouija Board.

Are you currently using Ouija? Yes.

Please tell us about your experiences using Ouija.

Well, first you have to understand a little about me.

I’ve always been aware of the “Other Side” of things, the Spirit World, if you will. I can’t say I communicate with the Other Side like you see on television with Long Island Medium and such. However, for me it seems far easier to simply talk with those on the Other Side and simply to be aware of them.

I don’t have spirits telling me messages to give other people. Usually the communications are about the Other Side or about me.

Anyway, I started formally studying metaphysics when I was 14 years old after a NDE at 12 years old and numerous OOBE’s afterwards. So, I’ve been aware of the non-physical for a while. But the resistance has also always been there (normalcy is attractive) and so it wasn’t until 1989 that I really let loose and really became aware. I started channeling. For me, it is like listening to your internal dialogue but it’s like you have your thoughts or “voice” and then there is this “Other” voice.

Sometimes, this “Other” will manifest as images or feelings rather than “spoken” words. And usually it is suddenly there. If it’s extended communication, it’s usually very fast. So, the use of an Ouija Board can be like using a rusty old standard typewriter compared to using a computer keyboard.

It’s about the reception or speed and accuracy of communication.

The Ouija Board acts as a means of communication in the same way as a typewriter does. It uses the impulses of the subconscious or unconscious mind of the user(s). In fact, in some ways, a typewriter works better because it is faster. The problem with the typewriter as a means of communication with the Other Side is that it’s easy for the conscious mind to interfere with the flow of energy or communication and it’s easy to doubt the communication as being your imagination or somehow less than valid or real. Hence, slower, more difficult, means of communication is more readily accepted as coming from the Spirit World.

What advice would you offer someone that is new to Ouija but wants to try it?

1. First, learn as much as possible about the Spirit World and how and why it communicates with this Other Side.

2. Learn about the 7 energy centers, the chakras of the Spiritual body, about how to open them and how to close them.

3. Learn about the different psychic abilities and senses, such as clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and clairvoyance (seeing).

4. If it is possible, learn about Spiritualism and mediumship. Learn about symbolism and how to interpret symbols.

5. Learn about ghosts, and hauntings and perhaps demonology (I don’t necessarily believe in inherent evil but there is enough out there, that it’s wise to be prepared—forewarned is forearmed).

6. Finally, learn about psychic protections and the power of prayer and faith in a Higher Power.

Using an Ouija Board as means of communication, as a conduit between our physical world and the Other Side, the non-physical world, is NOT a game.

Originally, the Ouija Board was a Spiritualist tool designed to facilitate communication between the two realms, physical and spiritual. In some sense, it was designed to eliminate the need for a medium as a living conduit or means of communication. And in this sense, it works.

The problems arise when Board users are untrained in psychic perception and protection. A trained medium is trained in these and because of this also has the assistance of their Guides to protect them from less-than-nice beings on the Other Side.

In the past and even to today, you have simple cardboard or ply board (essentially inferior wood) Ouija Boards being sold as a game and used by immature teenagers or adults who have little or no understanding of psychic perception or protection and no understanding of the Spirit World.

This is like using a telephone with a direct line to a psychiatric hospital. You could get a doctor or nurse or receptionist who is “normal” or you could get a kindly, yet mentally or emotionally unstable patient. On the other hand, you could also get a patient who seems perfectly stable but is utterly not nice like Hannibal Lecter. So, you can now see why it is necessary to be Spirit World-educated and know about protection.

As far as recommendations, I advise reading:

1. John Holland’s book Psychic Navigator. I’ve read everything out there and this is by far the best book out there.

2. Rebecca Rosen’s book Spirited. It’s a straight-forward book. There are other books on mediumship but this is the simplest and most appropriate.

3. Is Your House Haunted: Poltergeists, Ghosts, or Bad Wiring by Debi Chestnut, this book doesn’t agree with the use of Ouija Boards but the rest of the books is very informative.

4. Shouting at the Wolf by Reed Anderson is a well-written and complete book on protection and the nature of evil.

How did you become interested in making boards?

I woke up with the idea I wanted an Ouija Board. Of course, I argued with the idea, having read about all the horror stories and dangers of demonic infestation. However, the Spirits can be rather insistent at times.

After realizing I wanted an Ouija Board, I went online and searched for one. However, what I saw was simple, flat, 2-dimensional Boards with no protections. And to be honest, I hated the imagery on the Board. So, I decided to create what I wanted.

What inspired you to design the board you did?

The design was a bit of an evolution.

1. I did a lot of research into the history of the Boards and the protections that really should have been in place all these years.

2. I spent about two weeks using Adobe Photoshop to create a more modernized version of the Board with a protection prayer added to the imagery.

3. I thought I’d just have the image photo-printed and then laminated. I hadn’t yet considered the Planchette which is the heart of the Board.

4. I was told that “the Planchette needed to move as smoothly and evenly across the surface—so much so that it could almost move itself,” hence, the use of glass.

5. I thought about placing the image between two pieces of tempered glass or Plexiglas—another good method of making a useable and functional board but lacking the wood conduit.

6. However, I was then told the image needed to be attached to wood. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with natural energies.

7. I researched Decoupage to transfer the image onto the wood. This would be another interesting method of making a Board.

8. I was then told the Board needed to be made from a single piece of solid wood. I then had to find a piece of wood wide enough to accommodate the dimensions of the Board I envisioned.

I found the older Boards were often too small to allow the Planchette to accurately indicate the letters because it would slide off the Board. Anyway, I found a long piece of Russian Black Walnut wide enough but (and this is where the “mole hill” became “Mt. Meru”) the seller wouldn’t just cut a piece off the end of the plank so I bought the whole thing. Now I had a lot of wood for what was intended to be one Board—I now had enough wood for 4 Boards.

9. I did a lot of research into how to prepare the wood. However, it was costly to do the woodwork so I sent it to an experienced woodworker.

10. The wood had to routed in order to allow for the glass insert. The glass was then measured to fit the routed Board and holes were drilled through each. The glass was tempered to avoid injury in case the glass ever broke.

11. The Cross Conchos were an element of protection added to the Board.

12. Now, it was only a matter of putting all the pieces—the image, the wood, and the glass— together to make the Ouija Board.

13. I was told to make the Planchette made from the same piece of wood as the Ouija Board. Again, I didn’t like the older versions of the Planchette so I redesigned it.

What factors do you feel are essential to a good board?

1. As I mentioned the Board is a conduit, a means of communication, between our physical world and the Other Side. There are certain materials which facilitate this conduit or communication. Wood is one of the most conductive. I was told more ancient the tree, the better, perhaps because the older the tree, the wider the wood. However, I’m a tree lover so I don’t advise cutting down a tree just for an Ouija Board. I was also told the Planchette should be made from the same piece of wood.

2. The alphabet and the numbers need to be spaced appropriately so that they are not too apart or too close.

3. Most important, are the elements of protection that need to be incorporated into the Board itself. A prayer of protection should be on the image itself or engraved into the Board, either on top or underneath or even both. This prayer and associated psychic protection should be repeated at the opening of and at the closing of all Ouija Board sessions. If any experience is negative, immediately and firmly repeat the protection prayer and leave the Board for a period of time.

If someone is interested in purchasing one of your boards how should they do that?

I do not intend to make any more Boards because of the expense of time, energy and money.
They are a specialized tool and therefore have a specialized market. At this point, I only have two Boards left, one modern and one traditional. They can be bought on eBay or you can email me at kelsangATolypenDOTcom.

Thank you so much Kelsang

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