Mediumship: An overview of my personal experience from early childhood to Lily Dale Part Three

Scrying was a favorite pastime for me when I was a child.
No one ever told me it was called scrying and I knew nothing of crystal gazing.

At one point in my childhood I came down with a fever.
My temperature increased to a life threatening point and it lasted for many days.

At that time, Doctors made house calls.
They would show up dressed in a suit like a banker carrying the typical black leather doctor bag filled with, what to me, were wonders.
The doctor’s visits during my fever were frequent.
There was talk of Lyme disease and assorted other possibilities.
My parents were concerned, my doctor was concerned, and I was more or less between worlds.
I had spirit visitors though at this point those visits are as misty as the dream I had at 5 am this morning.

One day during my illness my father brought a crystal home from work.
It was a smoky quartz. I still have it and it is pictured below.

Quartz 002

As I turned that crystal in my hand I saw images, I saw faraway places, and faces of people I didn’t know. I entertained myself for hours with that crystal and long after my recovery it remained an important part of my life.

I am relating this story because, as an adult, I decided to give scrying another try.
I had fallen out of the habit and out of practice.
By this time I knew what scrying was and I fully expected to re-engage and have the same level of experience as an adult that I had as a child.

I picked up my crystal and gazed – nothing.
It was a smoky empty crystal to me, nothing more.
I tried for a few days without success then I tried a crystal ball, then another.
I had a little more success with the crystal balls but no where near what I had experienced as a child.

A friend recommended a black scrying mirror.

I have always been a bit too impulsive and in spiritual matters impulsivity can be reckless and dangerous. Purchasing the mirror wasn’t the dangerous impulse but what I did with it after it arrived in the mail was.

I was resting in bed.
It was late, at least by my standards, after 9 pm.
I am usually in bed by 9 and out of bed by 6 am.
It is not a routine I prefer but I have an executive day job and I work hard.
So I was in bed before 9 getting ready for sleep.
I had the box sitting on top of a pillow that was resting on my lap.
I had the phone held by my shoulder to my ear because I was chatting with a friend at the time.

I opened the box.

Have you ever seen a black mirror?

It is like looking into a bottomless pit.
I felt a check in the pit of my stomach immediately but as I was casually chatting I didn’t pay attention to the warning my chakra was sending me.

I held the mirror out in my left hand and gazed across its surface.
A face emerged out of the darkness, an unnatural, and in my opinion, not human face.
It had no eyes but it looked straight at me and seemed to pass in and through me.

I ended my conversation immediately.

A stench filled my house like something had crawled into the ventilation system and died.

I realized in that moment that a black scrying mirror is not a scrying mirror at all.

Scrying is an exercise in clairvoyance.
Mediumship may involve clairvoyant skills but those skills are specifically directed at the spirit realm.
Black mirrors are the single most powerful portal to the spirit world that I have ever encountered. They make Ouija look like a child’s game which, though marketed as such, it is not.

It was too late to close the portal.
I didn’t know it was a portal to begin with.
I am telling you the story in the hope that you will benefit from my stupidity.

If you use a black scrying mirror you should not approach it as you would any other scrying device. When you gaze into a black mirror you are opening a portal. The safest way to approach a black mirror is with the same preparation and precaution that you would exercise for any form of spirit communication because that is what a black mirror is, a spirit contact tool very similar to Ouija but in my opinion much more dangerous.

I was exhausted and in no position to fight a spiritual battle.
I knew that who ever it was that came through that portal and into my home that night was not particularly friendly but I also knew that the time between 9 pm and 6 am was his strongest and my weakest time. I hoped that he wouldn’t make too much of a mess and that during the daylight hours on the following day I could deal with him.

He toyed with my subconscious mind as I slept.
I saw what appeared to be another floor on my house.
It was as if I was caught between floors on an elevator.
I could see the material world below and the legs of those in the world of spirit above.
When I regained full consciousness at 3 am he was right beside me.
It was going to be a long night.

The next day my wife asked me why I was roaming the halls in my long black coat.
She’d seen a shadow figure in the hallway and assumed it was me.
The figure, she described was roughly my height but all black from head to toe, in essence, a shadow.

I was disturbed that my wife had seen him but also impressed that she had the ability to.
Not everyone can see even the most obvious entity that is standing right beside them.

The next day I cleansed the house.
I opened the windows and the fire place flue.
I started on the top floors.
I invoked the name and prayed in the presence of Jesus.
I went in and out of every room on every floor and the basement.
The entity left.
We hired a ventilation cleaning service to get the stench out of the house.
No dead rodent was ever found.

A dear friend of mine who has remarkable skill in the psychic herself called me the day after I gazed into the mirror and said, “What did you do?”

Though she lives miles away she felt instantly the shift in energy in my home.
It was a very long time before she agreed to come over to my home again.

Until next time, take care,

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