My Collection

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My Collection

I may not list every board in my collection but I will list most of them begging with the Selchow and Righter planchette of 1875. Then I will list in chronological order Ouija. Finally some of the other hand made or manufactured boards.

There are at least two in my collection that I love but I can’t remember where I purchased them or who made them. If you see your board here and I did not reference your name as creator or if I got it wrong, please correct me. I want my information to be as accurate as possible.

Pictured below are two images of the Selchow and Righter planchette, the front side and the underside.

1 The Selchow and Righter Planchette

1a The Selchow and Righter Planchette Underside

When Charles Kennard was making the board pictured below in 1891, William Fuld was working as shop manager/varnisher.

2 Kennard Novelty Company1891

2 Kennard Novelty Company1891date

2 Kennard Novelty Company1891underside

The Board below is a William Fuld design not at all unlike the Kennard, 1902.

3 William Fuld 1902 a

3 William Fuld 1902

This board is from 1911 but the planchette pictured with it is from 1920. William Fuld did not created the round window until 1920

4 William Fuld 1911 Plancette 1920

By 1917, the full moon had a face

5 William Fuld 1917

This board is from 1925 and the planchette pictured with it actually belongs with it. Note the hole in the pointer end.

6 William Fuld 1925

By 1938 the design was getting close to what most of us are familiar with

6a 1938a

In 1939 the “final” design was in place

6b 1939 final design

This board is from the 1940s.

7 William Fuld 1940s

The William Fuld board of the late 1940s was indistinguishable from the early Parker Brothers Boards of the sixties.

8 William Fuld late 1940s 1950s

In 1967 Parker Brothers released a wooden board. The image does not do it justice. Of all of the boards in my collection this one is among my favorites.

8a Parker Brothers wood 1967

Parker Brothers 1972

9 Parker Brothers 1972

This Parker Brothers from 2011 is still readily available. It glows in the dark and it is rather small.

10 Parker Brothers 2011

The Hasbro 2013 has a battery operated planchette that lights up. I’ve never used it. I like the board but very much dislike the plastic planchette.

11 hasbro 2013

I bought this board on EBay. This one in particular was made by EBay seller andywa78. I love it. In my opinion the flood of “natural” boards and for that matter the wave of interest in Ouija and spirit boards that we are now enjoying is due in no small measure to the television show Charmed.


The next two pictures are of my Charmed replica board. This is the “official” replica. There are many makers creating a Charmed board. The “official” replica pictured below has no practical value. In other words, it cannot be used. It is lovely but it is not made of wood and the letters are so deeply carved that the planchette gets stuck in them.

Charmed Replica 2005 front side

Charmed Replica 2005 under side

I bought this board on EBay from EBay seller Cosmo Bryant.

Cosmo Bryant 2011

I know I bought the following board on EBay but try as I might I have not been able to identify the maker and that is really too bad since it is one of the best boards I own. It is well made and the planchette slides like it is sitting in ice.

E Bay Creator 2010

The Emily Strange Board; I don’t use it but if I wanted to it is a well-made board and the planchette slides remarkably well for a commercial board.

Emily Strange 2009

This next board is the Enchanted Spell board published by Sterling Publishing in 2007 but still available. Although it is a folding board and the folds can get in the way, the planchette is a round disc and will slide easily over almost any surface.

Enchanted Spellboard Sterling Publishing 2007

I have no idea where I got this board. It says “William Fuld, Baltimore, MD” at the bottom but it is not a Fuld board. Someone doctored an image of a Fuld board but did a very nice job. I love the board.

Fuld Ouija Replica

This is a Guiding Light Angel Board from 1996. If they are not still available from the manufacturer don’t despair there are plenty of them on EBay. Mine came with a dream diary that I continue to use to this day. The energy of the board is very positive and that is one of the reasons why I like it so much.

Guiding Light Angel Board 1996

I have featured the Hallouija board in another post. In fact, I believe it was my first post to the Ouija section. Hallouija makes some of the best boards available today. Actually the name of the manufacture is “For the Seekers.”

Hallouija Board

Hallouija Planchette

This is an old Hasko Mystic Tray from the 1940s. back in those days people wanted their boards to serve multiple functions. You can serve breakfast in bed with it before you contact your crossed over relatives.

Hasko Mystic Tray 1940s

The Hellboy Talking Board pictured below is #472 of 500. Yes that mean it is very valuable. It was manufactured in 2004, it is lovely, and the planchette slides like it was sitting on glass. It is a sweet board.

Hellboy Talking Board 472 of 500 2004

Carnivalia is a manufacturer. Their boards are particularly dark. This one was one of their less disturbing. It is a well-made board at a good price and it is absolutely gorgeous. Take a look at their others. They make some very interesting boards.

httpwww carnivalia com

I believe that Robert Murch had a hand in the design of the Cryptique board, last made in 2005 but still available from time to time on EBay. I adore Robert and will buy almost anything he makes or has his hand in making. He is the foremost authority on Ouija today and also my friend.

httpwww cryptique com

This board is from Impale Designs. Do yourself a favor click on the hot link I cleverly placed over their name then look at their gallery – awesome is what you will see.

Impale Designs

Kelsang Drime made this board in 2013. As far as I know there are only two like it in the world and I have one. For a complete description please see my interview with Kelsang 

Kelsang Drime 2013

This board is designed and made by The Green Witch of Cambria.
It is available from the Mystic Corner and from The Green Witch’s shop on Etsy.
She quoted me to promote her board in her Etsy shop.
I love the board. It is simple, elegant, it has a protective spell written into the board and planchette, the planchette slides as easily as one could hope, and it is not expensive.
If you are looking for handcrafted boards Etsy is the mother-load.

Mystic Corner Green Witch Board 2012

I bought these two pendulum/spirit boards from EBay seller MyWickedWays. I love her work.

mywickedways cat

mywickedways moon

Gorgeous, wonderful, works with ease, this board from Nemesis Now Ltd. 2012 is a must have.

Nemesis Now Ltd 2012

If you know the designer/maker of these next two boards please tell me.
I know they were made by different people and I remember corresponding with the makers but I can’t find that correspondence or for that matter any record of where or when I acquired them.

Ouija 10 6 12 007

Ouija 10 6 12 009


I bought this board from EBay seller OuijaWonder; it was called a “Wink Board.”
I believe it is laser engraved but because it wasn’t finished properly, sanded and varnished or lacquered, it can’t be used.

Ouija Wonder dot com  Wink Board

Pacific Game Company mass produced this board in 1968.
What is unique about it is that you can stick a pencil in the planchette and use it the pre-spirit board way.
Aside from that it is an excellent board, well designed and easy to use.

Pacific Game Company 1968

The Psychic Circle published by Simon and Schuster in 1993.
Like the Enchanted Spell Board above and designed by the same team of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, the saving grace of this board is its planchette.
The planchette is a little round plastic disc that could literally slide over gravel and it’s a good thing since the board itself is cardboard with bends and creases.
If I wanted to use this board I would probably mount it and then place glass over it.

Psychic Circle Simon and Schuster 1993

This is Ray Buckland’s board.
Like the board above, the best way to use it would be to place glass over it.
It is a flimsy thing but it comes with a nice booklet entitled, “Ouija Yes! Yes!”
And, don’t overlook Ray’s great book, Solitary Séance: How You can Talk with Spirits on Your Own,” from Llewellyn Publications 2011.

Raymond Buckland 2006

I am a Victorian Trading Company fan.
I have purchased many Victorian items from them.
Imagine my excitement when they came out with their own board.

Victorian Trading

Pictured below is a Charmed style board handmade by Magicraftshop and available on Etsy and on Facebook.

Aug 2 2014 022

The board pictured below really must be seen and held.
This board took my breath away when it finally arrive.
It was handmade in Russia by PereplutCW and it is available on Etsy but be prepared to wait.
The board is handmade and it ships from Russia.

Aug 2 2014 011

I found the board in the images below on E-Bay.

Aug 2 2014 001

I routinely scout E-Bay looking for odd or rare boards.

Aug 2 2014 005
Normally I would pass a well used 1971-ish board up but this one had its own custom made case.

Aug 2 2014 006
The question begs to be answered: why would someone go through the trouble of making such a fine case for such an old board, one that would cost less to replace even today than the materials in the case?

Aug 2 2014 007
also, if you look close at that board you will see that it is well worn across the letters.

Aug 2 2014 008
I am trying to get the back story on this board.

Aug 2 2014 010
In the meantime it is one of my most intriguing pieces.


If I ever get an exact date on the board pictured below I will list it.

Ouija was acquired by Parker Brothers in 1966.

In 1972 the box design changed.

My assumption than is that this board was manufactured by Parker Brothers at some point between 1966 and 1972.

I have a handful or boards from this period.

This one is the best.

The box, the board, and the planchette are virtually unused.

1966 plus 001

Made in Baltimore – 1938:

1938 8 14

I typically won’t include “pendulum boards” in this collection but this one is special. I picked it up recently on E-Bay from Black Hat Society’s owner/creator/designer Bella Luna Rosalinda. You can find the Black Hat Society on Facebook and on E-Bay if you are interested in one:

Black hat bella luna

This post will be updated as I add boards.
Please check back.
Much love,

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