My Homemade Spirit Boards

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My Homemade Spirit Boards

Ouija, more properly called Spirit Boards, are an art form to me.
When something evokes an emotional response inside of you, when you look at it and you feel something, I think that is art.

When I look at a spirit board I feel awe and wonder.
I marvel at the possibilities it represents and the history that it has.

I want to be a part of this legacy and so for that reason I have started to create my own boards.
As I create new ones I will add them to this page so please, if you are interested in my creations, stop back often and have a look.

I am experimenting with every manner of technique and materials I can think of not necessarily to find the best because I’ not sure there is a “best,” but simply to see what effect a particular technique or material might have.

If I were an artist, this would be my art form.

I hope you enjoy my work.

This board I call my Mary Board.
I wanted a board with incredibly positive energy.
I couldn’t think of any image more powerfully positive than the image of the Blessed Mother.
It was my hope that I could encourage Her spirit to be in the board and guide its use.

1 Mary Board

This is a close up of the planchette I made for the Mary Board.
I love it.
It is very Celtic in flavor.
The rose, the cross, and the thorns speak to me of The Christ.
Placed together you have Mother and Son.
I like the set.
I hope you do too.

2 Mary Planchette

This one was originally made from a rough cut of wood but as I tried to finish it, that is apply lacquer, the rough edges never seemed to smooth out no matter how many coats of lacquer I applied so I ended up cutting off the natural rough edges.

Another interesting feature of this board is that I used homemade iron transfers to get the images onto the wood. This method left some rough edges that had to be lightly sanded but even after light sanding they still protruded too much inhibiting the smooth flow of the planchette so I had to apply extra layers of lacquer to get the smooth finish every usable board needs.

3 my small

There is no board like the original Ouija and I very much wanted to use the original design but on wood. This is my attempt to do so with some personal flourishes. For instance I changed the font from the traditional Captain Howdy to an earthier woodsy look. I also added vines and leaves growing out of the letter “G” of the word Goodbye to give the board a more organic, living effect.

4 Mine1

This one is obviously Victorian, almost Steampunk.
My only regret is that I did not mount it on wood.
I do prefer wooden boards.
I think the elements – air, earth, fire, water should be as much a part of every board as possible so I tend to avoid artificial materials.

5 mine2

I experimented with stamps and with aging techniques on this one.
I “aged” the wood with black tea and rusty water.
I don’t think the picture does it justice.
It really looks like a well-aged piece of wood and the stamps allow for some great flexibility in design.

6 11 09 13 001

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