Eight of Swords

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Eight of Swords


Swords are associated with air.

Swords generally but not always relate to our thoughts or intellect.

The card pictured is from the Rider Waite Smith but I prefer the Hansson Roberts.
I’m using the Rider deck here because it is in the public domain.

In the Hanson Roberts the girl is lovely. She is young, her hair is long, and she is wearing a beautiful red gown. She seems to have everything going for her, youth, beauty, and wealth, and yet she is in despair.

No matter which deck you look at the woman depicted in the cards is bound, blindfolded, and surrounded by swords. One gets the feeling that she is all but helpless, perhaps the unfortunate victim of a kidnapping but there are no kidnappers pictured. In other cards where there is conflict with others the “others” are clearly present. In this card she is alone.

She seems far removed from where she wants to be.

The sky above her is overcast and threatening as if a storm is on the way. Her situation appears at face value to be quite unpleasant.

The eight of swords certainly speaks to us of imprisonment but of what kind?
Swords indicate thoughts, intellectual processes, or paradigms.

Is it not true that we are most oppressed by our own minds, that our thoughts often dictate our reality? Whenever I see this card in a reading I see the person it represents as bound, maybe a prisoner but not by some external agency but by her own mind.

We limit ourselves in so many ways.
Our thoughts and beliefs can trap or immobilize us just as surely as the woman in the card.

How has your mind, your thought process limited you?

If you look closely at this card you will see that her captors, whoever they may be, are nowhere to be seen. She appears to be bound but if you were so bound how hard would you find it to get free? The point I am making, and that I believe the card makes, is that nothing is keeping you bound but your own limiting thoughts.

Did you notice the blindfold?

She can’t see how easy it would be for her to make an escape.
Her mind is not giving her the option.
She is confused and disoriented not by her circumstances but by the fact that she cannot see.

What could you do to expand your mind, create a broader vision for your life, and see yourself and your circumstances for what they really are?

When we feel oppressed are we indeed or are we replaying a pattern of learned helplessness?

How much personal power does each of us really have?

Above all the woman in the card is ignorant, not stupid, ignorant, unaware of true reality, unaware of the fact that she could make her escape as easily as walking forward.

Commenting on this card Rachel Pollack said, “Recognition of ignorance is the first step to true knowledge.”

Change the way you think and you will change your life.

Much love,

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