Lying Spirits

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Lying Spirits

7 William Fuld 1940s

I think we are living in a time of renaissance for Spiritualism and for all things Ouija. Many people have moved away from more traditional religious settings toward less structured, less sectarian or dogmatic movements. But the same questions remain: Who are we, why are we here, are we eternal or temporal. The world’s great religions address these concerns, they do provide answers, but not everyone is satisfied with those answers.

Spiritualism claims to offer proof of the continuity of life. They claim that this proof is provided through the means of mediumship. A medium can tell you things about your loved ones that only your loved ones know and they can do it under test conditions. As in the days of old evidence is in the signs that follow the message. If the message is credible some type of proof is to be expected.

I find that these proofs are more readily accepted from mediums than from independent contact via the spirit board. One reason for this is the reputation the sprit board has developed for providing a means of expression to lying, wandering, lost, or just plain malicious spirits.

I don’t think this reputation is the inherent fault of the spirit board. A trained medium typically, but not always, works with guides that in effect screen out the less desirable influences. Many that use the spirit board simply don’t have the training or experience to do this as a result these less desirable influences get through.

The tendency of course is to blame the board but in reality that is like blaming the hammer when the new-built deck falls down. The board is a tool. The real work is done by the operator of the tool and the real fault lies there.

You have probably heard the stories, someone contacts a spirit that identifies as someone known and loved, the spirit may even possess knowledge that seems to confirm their identity, but over time the spirit begins to make odd requests or frightening predictions.

I wish I could tell you that lying spirits were uncommon but that is not the case.

The safest way to deal with the problem of lying spirits is to rely on your spirit guides or your own intuition but in addition to these less objective methods don’t be shy about testing the spirits. Ask for specifics, dates, times, locations. Ask them to give you proof and even after these confirmations are provided do not allow yourself to be unduly influenced.

Think of it this way, according to Spiritualism there is continuity between this life and the next. In practical terms this means that a liar in this life will be a liar in the afterlife, a thief in this life will be a thief in the afterlife, and an honest person of integrity in this life will be an honest person of integrity in the next.

In any case a disembodied spirit does not suddenly develop divine wisdom and understanding simply because they have crossed over. If you would not take a living person’s advice about your relationships or your finances etc. why would you accept the same advice from a disembodied spirit?

Do spirits lie?

Absolutely they do but they don’t all lie and a lying spirit isn’t necessarily evil nor is it proof that all disembodied spirits are masquerading as someone they are not. Some will pretend to be who they are not, others will honestly present. Demand whatever proof you need to be satisfied that the spirit you are communicating with is the person he or she claims to be. After you are satisfied, treat him or her as no more or less worthy of trust then you would if they were alive and sitting right next to you.

Remember you and you alone are responsible for your actions and your life. “The Ouija made me do it” is no more legitimate an excuse for bad behavior then “the devil made me do it.” Such attitudes are the road to ruin and I hope that you avoid them.

Much love,

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