Lily Dale Part One

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Lily Dale Part One

Lily Dale is my adopted home town.
When someone says, “Think happy thoughts,” I think of Lily Dale.
It is a place of all places on earth I would choose to live if I could.


My guess is that the average person doesn’t know what Lily Dale is or what the town means.
I also think that the average person spends far too little time thinking of metaphysical, spiritual, or religious concepts.

Culture has a lot to do with it.

We are raised Lutheran or Methodist or Catholic or Muslim or Jewish or agnostic or anything else and we tend not to question what we’ve been taught. A person born in a Muslim culture will most likely continue to be Muslim throughout his or her life and the same holds true for most of the world’s ideologies including the more skeptical or atheistic ideologies.

It is certainly easier to accept what our parents, family, or society taught us than to question that belief or pursue a belief system condemned or discouraged by the one in which we were raised. However I have spent my life asking the so-called “big” questions and wanting and expecting answers.

Many parents today don’t want to indoctrinate their children.
These parents believe it is unethical to impose their belief system even on their own children.
They raise their children to think for themselves and they encourage their children to make their own choices in regard to their spirituality. I was blessed to have such parents.

My parents required that I complete confirmation within Lutheranism but after I was confirmed they told me I was free to worship where ever I wanted and however I wanted. I elected, at that time, to leave Lutheranism and join with a Charismatic Baptist church. I later became a part of the Assemblies of God and it was with the Assemblies that I completed my seminary education. But my journey of spiritual exploration never ended with the Assemblies of God. I have never said, “I have arrived. Now I have the answers.” And I’m not sure I ever will. I hope not because it is a curious and inquisitive heart that finds opportunities for growth, that discovers what they never knew they never knew.

I am not suggesting that those who are content and happy in their spirituality aren’t growing.
I am suggesting that the spiritual universe is a vast awe inspiring place and I find it hard to believe that any one faith has all of the answers so I keep searching, I keep looking, I read reports and I check them out, and I make life changing discoveries along the way some of which require that I adjust everything I believe to be true about my world.

Lily Dale was one such discovery.

Lily Dale is known affectionately as the town that talks to the dead.
Every one residing in the city is a Spiritualist and many are mediums or Spiritualist clergy.


Stepping into Lily Dale is like stepping back in time or maybe stepping out of time.
The town is Victorian, not an imitation or a modern interpretation, the town is historic founded in the Victorian era and if you compare (and I have) images of the town taken in the late 1800’s with images of the town today you will see very little difference.



As I have discussed my visit with friends and family I have been asked, “Wasn’t it scary?”
I think this question comes from Hollywood and the influence of Hollywood’s sensationalized horror/ghost films. In fact, I was not the least bit nervous before during or after my visit. I stayed alone in a very old inn, in a very old room, sleeping in a very old bed.

I slept incredibly well.

I visited with mediums, I heard from relatives who have crossed over, and I participated in Spiritualist services.

Lily Dale is a place of peace, comfort, and rest.

I will provide more details later.
For now, I simply wanted to introduce you to the wonderful little town of Lily Dale.

Much love,
David Dellman

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