The Knight of Cups

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The Knight of Cups

Sometimes I select the card I want to reflect on for the card specific tarot meditations I include on this blog. Other times I let the cards tell me what to write and what to reflect on.

Today the tarot told me to write about the Knight of Cups.

Knight of Cups

The knight is on a horse in a place one can only assume is far from home.
He looks into the goblet in his hand reflectively.
He may be using the water as a scrying device, seeking guidance or direction.
He is questing and the light that gleams from the goblet in his hand speaks to me of divine illumination. God is working through his imagination and dreams to spur him onward in his quest.

For this knight, this moment pictured on the card, is a time of reflection.
Maybe he is looking for focus.
Maybe he isn’t sure where he is going or what he is looking for or maybe he is reflecting back on what he left behind.

Always before us the road divides.
Either we take the one path or we take the other but we cannot take both and as the saying goes, “we can never go home again.”

Oh we can retrace our steps and try again but as each moment passes to the other we change and we are forever changed never again to be the people we once were.

The knight may be reflecting back but I like to think he is forward thinking.
What is behind us is a canceled check.
It was but is no more.
The most productive reflecting we can do is on the road ahead.

Will we take this road or that, how will we invest our time, and is that which we devote the moments of our lives to worth exactly that – the moments of our lives, the very breath of life.

He is looking to see – is this road that I am on the right road for me.

The most wonderful yet most challenging gift of life is that we can do, be, or have almost anything we wish but we cannot do, be, or have everything we wish.

And, it is impossible to focus on two things at the same time.

Our focus must be singular.

To choose one is to leave another.
So it is with our knight, so it is with each of us.
We must decide.

I get the sense as I look into the card that the time of day is dawn, our knight is just beginning his journey. The road is not straight before him but windy and perhaps meandering leading to the snow covered mountains in the distance.

Over his shoulder is a branch, it looks like autumn leaves which means as he travels the days will grow shorter, colder, and darker, leaving him with less time and harsh conditions, and yet he travels on.

When you have made a choice to travel a road, do you see the harsh realities you might face along the way, do you pause to reflect, to count the cost, to see if you have sufficient to finish what you begin?

This is a card that challenges us to make a choice, set our focus on a road, and travel it.

Much love and many blessings,

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