The Journey to Lily Dale

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The Journey to Lily Dale

I had wanted to go to Lily Dale for a few years but when?
My vacation time was limited, my family takes an annual summer vacation in Ocean City Maryland and I really never want to miss that week entirely.
In addition, Lily Dale has a season and that season is summer.
The town is open year round but many of the town’s mediums reside in “The Dale” only in the summer so if you are planning a trip to Lily Dale the summer is the time to go.

One year in March my mother’s health was not good.
The family wasn’t sure they’d be able to make Ocean City in July.

I scheduled the week off but instead of planning for Ocean City, I made reservations at The Leolyn – an inn built like most of the town in the mid 1800’s and much the same as it was when it was built.


I had no idea where the Leolyn was situated in respect to Lily Dale.
I really had no idea where Lily Dale was except that it was in the western part of New York State. But I wanted to go, so I made the reservation and believed that the particulars would work themselves out.


It was a step outside of my comfort zone to say the least.


I was going to a place I had never been, a place famous for its mediums, the Mecca of Modern Spiritualism, a religion I was curious about but about which I had been told, “If you do that you’ll go to hell.”

I don’t travel much.
I really don’t like to travel.
I’m a cancer male and I love being at home.
But I was motivated from a drive deep within.
Lily Dale had made my bucket list, I had the opportunity and I wanted to take it and yes I was traveling alone. At the time, I had no friends who shared my interest in Spiritualism.

The drive to Lily Dale takes roughly six to eight hours from Baltimore.
On the day I left I worked all day.
I love my job but it is demanding and I was tired when I left.
My plan was to drive half way, stay over at some as yet undefined place midway, and have the better part of Saturday in Lily Dale – that was the plan.

Did you know that hotels don’t generally like drop-ins?

I’ve only dropped in on a hotel three times without a reservation: this was the first time, a trip to Cincinnati was the second, and a motorcycle excursion along Skyline Drive in October was the third. While the Skyline drive trip was by far the worst for landing a bed to sleep in, I was turned away from at least ten hotels in as many towns before I finally found a place to stay.

Lesson learned: plan ahead and make a reservation if at all possible.

That night in the hotel, the spirits or “Spirit,” as Spiritualists like to call it, were already beginning to speak to me.

When you do something like travel to Lily Dale or attend a circle or visit a medium, a signal goes out to the spirit world. Your friends and loved ones, and your guides on the other side get the message and they prepare to meet you.

That night I was very clearly visited and I was miles from Lily Dale.

The spirits that came to greet and prepare me that first night were like the greeting party sent to the train station to see me safely into town. What awaited me in The Dale, I could never have imagined, nor could I have ever imagined the impact that brief visit would have upon my life.

More later loved ones,

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