Arriving in Lily Dale

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Arriving in Lily Dale

Without a GPS I don’t think I could have found the very small in the middle of nowhere town of Lily Dale. As it was the GPS took me down some barely paved roads, through some towns that defined “Americana,” and into a part of my country I had never wandered.

I was astonished by how remote Lily Dale actually is.
I suppose I assumed that if the town is “famous” to me then it must be famous for everyone.
I half expected the Las Vegas of spirituality but the fact is Lily Dale is a quiet little town tucked away in the middle of nowhere.

One plus for me was that, in that part of the country, it is cooler and less humid than my home in Baltimore.
Remember this was July and it could well have been hot and sticky but instead the air was cool and fresh and the sky was clear and beautifully blue.

I remember vividly seeing my GPS read ten miles to Lily Dale.
Tall trees were everywhere.
I drove slow expecting that any moment that famous gate was going to appear.
I felt maybe like Dorothy approaching the Emerald City and I may as well have been Dorothy because when that famous gate came into view I experienced a rush of emotion.

The Main Gate at Lily Dale:


A map of the town as seen under the main gate:


Okay that’s me in the picture looking like the nerdy tourist that I was on this my first few moments in Lily Dale:


It was before eleven on Saturday morning.
I had the whole day ahead of me.
I pulled up to the gate and I was greeted by a friendly gatekeeper.
I bought a pass and drove in.

The streets are narrow.
I was driving a Toyota Corolla, not a large or even a mid-size car and yet the streets were narrow for me.

The streets of Lily Dale are not meant to be driven but walked.
There is plenty of parking but I didn’t know where the parking lots were.
I felt blessed to find the only available spot on the main lot by the town park.

I walked through the town.
I saw shingles hung from posts with the name of the resident of the small quaint Victorian home and under each name was the word “Medium.”

A few of the “shingles” I saw:




By the way, Anne Gehman is one of the finest mediums of our age.
If you have not already done so, please go out today and get a copy of he life story:
The Priest and The Medium by Suzanne Giesemann.
Yes, Anne really did marry a Jesuit Priest and the story of their love and life is amazing

I visited Lily Dale on-line before my trip.
I visited the home pages of every medium that appealed to me and I selected a few that I was interested in.

Those few I contacted well in advance of my trip and made an appointment but for most of the mediums in town an appointment was not necessary.

Each medium had a sign-up sheet siting on or near her/his porch.
All you really had to do was sign up.
But I had appointments and I had time before my first.
So I wandered the streets of Lily Dale.

I made my way to the town library.
I just happened to arrive when a film was about to be shown.
The film was “Village of Spirits,” a touching documentary of one woman’s journey in Lily Dale.

The library in Lily Dale:




For those of you that love books and libraries as much as I do – yes I was in heaven.

I was beginning to feel a bond.
I was beginning to feel at home.

Much love,

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