Book Review: My Friend the Ouija Board by Virginia Kent Roberts

My Friend, the Ouija Board: A handbook for the safe and fun use of one of the most fascinating spiritual teaching tools by Virginia Kent Roberts was published by Brite Lite Books in 2003.

my friend

On the page after her dedication page, Virginia quoted D.H. Lawrence as saying, “The dead don’t die. They look on and help.” This quote stands alone on an otherwise bland white page challenging many preconceived notions about life, the afterlife, and the role of the human spirit in each.

I’ve had an easier time acquiring historic books than this one but the extra effort was worth it.

In her introduction she said, “This book is an attempt to…put to rest the widely held belief that the Ouija board is an evil or dangerous tool.” Then she goes on to describe the many wonderful experiences she has had with the board including the spirit people, guides, friends, and relatives she has encountered. She has also used her board for obtaining information about her past lives, for what she calls “rescue work,” in which she helps an earth bound soul cross over, and for telepathic communication with living people.

Virginia bought her board at a flea market for $1.00 and this second hand board is the one she uses to this day.

Some Ouija users might be aghast that she is using a used board in the same way and for the same reason tarot readers want to use only decks they have touched – it’s about energy. But, I love examples that don’t play by the rules because they show us that rules are just that – rules. We weren’t made for rules, rules were made for us. While rules might be helpful for out guidance and education, we certainly should not be bound by them.

I supposed from her history that she is not a collector as I am but she is a very experienced user. The book is brief at only 55 pages but it is full of stories, instruction, and encouragement.

Virginia says that, “after so many years, I must tell you that my board has been a source of, above all, love.”

I loved the book for its positive energy and I would highly recommend it even though it is out of print and not so easy to get your hands on.

Much love,

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