What the Future Holds

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What the Future Holds

I’ve done so many readings at this point that my opening spiel with a new sitter is practically a memorized speech:

“Is there a specific question or concern on your mind or would you like a general reading?”


I am pleased with the number of people who opt for a general reading because that is the kind of reading I prefer to do. However, of those that say they want a general reading maybe 60% actually do. The others are embarrassed to ask the question on their minds or maybe they don’t know me well enough or my ability as a reader to feel comfortable asking.

In any case, it is not uncommon to find, during the course of a general reading, a sitter will begin to ask more focused questions.

“Does he/she love me?”

“Is this the right time to propose marriage?”

“Is he/she cheating on me?”

“Will my business venture succeed?”

Finances and love or relationships tend to be the heavy topics.
If health issues arise I generally stop the reading and refer them to their primary care physician.

At the heart of many questions is one underlining assumption that many sitters, I believe, erroneously make, and that is that the cards can somehow accurately predict their future. This presupposition implies that the future is fixed or set, a rather determinist view of the world which runs contrary to my own world view.

What I generally tell sitters is that the future is not set.
The cards can see the road you are on and they can accurately tell you where that road will lead.
This, in essence, is no different from saying, “If you stay on York Road and head south for 3 miles you will come to the mall.”

The mall is three miles south from the point at which you are now standing on York road.
This isn’t magic, its experience on that particular road.
The tarot works the same way.

The issue for me, and what I try to convey to my sitters, is that there are many right and left turns which could be taken in the next 3 miles.

Yes the road you are on has a destination but you can change your destination by changing the road you are on.

In ancient times whole civilizations depended on diviners to determine a strategy, not to resign themselves to “fate.”

You create your life by the choices you make every moment of every day.

If that sounds like a big responsibility – it is.

You, and no one else, are responsible for creating your life.
Go out and create a good one.

Much love,

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