Inspiration Stump

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Inspiration Stump

At 1:00 pm I attended a service at inspiration stump.
This would be my first formal Spiritualist Service and there was much I needed to learn.

Inspiration Stump is at the edge of town.
There is a sign with an arrow leading to a wooded path.


The walk down that narrow dirt path is not short and for those of us alone and new to Lily Dale, it can be a bit disconcerting to wander down a quiet path through the woods not knowing when or where it will end or what exactly we will find when we get there.


From: Lily Dale Assembly 
Accessed on Friday, July 04, 2014

“Inspiration Stump is a spiritual retreat found at the end of the calm and quiet trail of the Leolyn Woods. It is not unusual to become more aware of the spiritual energies while in this open and receptive state at the Stump. You are invited to participate in the services held twice a day in the grove at no charge.

“Demonstrations of mediumship are presented by the mediums giving short messages to those in the audience. These services have been held since 1898.”


From: Gerberink
Accessed on Friday, July 04, 2014

“Inspiration Stump is one of the biggest draws for people when they visit Lily Dale, New York. This stump, located deep in Leolyn Woods, is the place where people commune with nature and if they’re lucky, receive a spirit message from one of the practicing mediums. The mediums that give messages to the crowd at Inspiration Stump may hail from anywhere in the world, be young, or old, seasoned veterans or students giving messages for the first time. All they need to have is a desire to give someone a message from beyond that will heal a wounded soul and giving individuals hope that a loved one is doing well in the spirit world.

“Inspiration Stump is exactly what it sounds like- one very large, old stump in the middle of Leolyn Woods. This stump has been where mediums have stood for over a century when they deliver messages from the spirit world. The stump stands resolute in front of benches that can accommodate approximately 300 people at one time. Mediums will deliver messages at the stump during Lily Dale’s summer season twice daily, at no charge. However, it is important to note that the medium will pick you if they are guided to do so; you cannot raise your hand and ask to be given a message.

“The stump has been a fixture in Lily Dale society since 1898. It is believed to be an energy vortex in the community. Participants in the message services report that they feel an unusual power when sitting in the clearing around the stump, and that they have clearer visions and are able to meditate or commune with spirits much more easily here than anywhere else.

“Today, Inspiration Stump stands surrounded by a metal gate and is no longer stood upon during message services. It is treated with reverence and serves as a gentle reminder of the early days of Lily Dale. Mediums now stand in front of the stump and deliver their messages, often walking between the rows of benches and speaking directly with the intended recipients.”

Apparently near the turn of the last century mediums stood on the stump to deliver messages.
Today the stump is a sacred place in Modern Spiritualism but the energy in the area is the most intense I have experienced anywhere.

I felt it the moment I entered the woods.
It might have been the intense hush but it felt as if I was transitioning to another world.
By the time I reached the small clearing where there were wooded benches and of course the stump, the sense of Spirit was physical.
I’d like to say it was like the reverence that comes over me when I walk into a traditional church with a high cathedral ceiling and stained glass windows but it was so much more palpable.

Tall trees provided both a sanctuary feel and a natural canopy.
I walked up to the now gated stump, took a few images and then started looking for a place to sit.


If the area sat 300 then 300 were in attendance because there was standing room only.

As the service began my intent was to record with images all that transpired.
I was not the only one with a clicking camera but we were all politely reminded that what we were about to engage in was a religious service and that we should be respectful and refrain from using our cameras.

I put my camera away.

The first medium stood in front of the stump, raised her hand toward a person near me and asked, “May I come to you?”

The person near me was almost in tears already.
She said, “Yes.”

The medium disclosed specific details about lost objects that belonged to the one on the other side.
This person had been searching for them.
The medium told her where to find them.

I applauded.
The host, not the medium, stood, and politely asked me not to applaud.

Many mediums and many messages followed, each with the same level of specificity and accuracy. I wanted to cheer but didn’t.

Real mediums aren’t show people.
They are motivated by love not by ego and they treat what they do with reverence and respect.

To say that I was changed by this first encounter would be an understatement.

Much love,

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