It is not my intention to provide yet another history of Ouija though I will touch on the history of the talking board from time to time. It is also not my intention to provide instructions on the use of Ouija though I will offer what guidance I can.

I am not an avid Ouija user.
I am a collector.
For me Ouija is so much more than a piece of wood or cardboard.

It is first and foremost art.
This may be the first time you have ever heard anyone refer to the Witch board as art.
Like most things in life art is rather subjective.
When I look at a board I see a work of beauty.
I especially like boards handmade by people who feel as I do: that the Spirit Board is an art form.

Have you noticed the many different names I have used in this short paragraph to refer to the same thing?

Ouija, Witch Board, Spirit Board, Talking Board; no matter what you call it and it does have many names, its mystique is a wonder to the soul and a pleasure to behold.

In addition to discussing all things Ouija I hope to post pictures in this section of the many boards I have either purchased or made over the last few years. I hope you find them as awe inspiring as I do.

The first board I want to share with you is one I purchased on E-Bay.
If you are one of the sneaky devils that outbid me in the final moments of an auction shame, shame, shame. Collecting Ouija vintage or new can be competitive but if you are well educated (see the Museum of Talking Boards for an education) and patient you can get what you are looking for at a great price on E-Bay. Also don’t hesitate to interact with makers. I have found all but one to be incredibly friendly and responsive.
This board was made by For the Seekers. She, I think the gender is she, creates boards she calls “Hallouija.” Few serious makers use the name Ouija I think because Parker Brothers/ Hasbro owns the trademark on the name but I’m not a patent attorney so I really don’t understand the legalities of it. Personally I think the name Ouija belongs to the board and not to a company but as I said I’m not an attorney. The name Ouija is almost as mysterious as the board itself. Be that as it may For the Seekers creates the beautiful handmade Hallouija line, one of the loveliest of the handmade boards I have ever seen.

I hope you enjoy it.
Much love,

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