Forest Temple

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Forest Temple

From The Lily Dale Assembly web site
Accessed Saturday, August 09, 2014

“The Forest Temple, located on East Street, is an area of tranquility. It is here that messages from Spirit are delivered through mediums that are registered on the grounds as well as those who are visiting or are students. The Temple has been operating since 1894.

“Like Inspiration Stump, Forest Temple is an area of spiritual, emotional and mental upliftment. Services are held at the Forest Temple daily at 4:00pm.”

Below is an image of the Forest Temple in the 1890s:

049Forest Temple

Below is an image I took of the Forest Temple during my visit to Lily Dale:


I had heard that it rains in Lily Dale but during my stay the weather could not have been better.
The sky was always blue, the air was cool, and there was no humidity to speak of.

Walking around outside was pleasant and comfortable which was a good thing since two of Lily Dale’s primary meeting places – Inspiration Stump and the Forest Temple are under the cover of trees alone and their main meeting hall has only a roof but open sides.

In terms of my own mediumship, the best place to meet with loved ones on the other side, for me, is my backyard. It is wooded, there is a canopy of branches over my porch, it is quiet, and as I sit in stillness and meditation, I don’t have to wait long before now familiar spirit friends and family make their presence known to me. So it is but more so at Inspiration Stump and the Forest Temple.

The Forest Temple is more “in town,” less secluded than inspiration stump and that sense of vortex that is so palpable at Inspiration Stump is not quite as pronounced at the Forest Temple.

I saw many fine mediums at the Forest Temple.
Most of the mediums of Lily Dale are in their fifties or older but there was one young medium ministering at the Forest Temple.
She was in her mid-twenties and she was full of life and enthusiasm.
Her skill was impressive as well.

I ran into her after the service at the town coffee shop she gave me her story.
She is a medium in training.
Part of her training included public mediumship at Lily Dale.
She was being evaluated.
Licensing as a medium is a process not unlike becoming an attorney or a doctor.
There is a period of study and apprenticeship followed by a time of evaluation and coaching.
I was impressed with her and encouraged that a new generation of mediums is up and coming in Lily Dale.

Though the atmosphere at Forest Temple was considerably different from Inspiration Stump, the messages were no less precise, specific, and meaningful to the recipients.

Much love,

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