Book Review: Katrina and Elishia Learn About Ouija Boards by Geraldine M. Paulette Bennett

kat and el learn

Yes this is a children’s book, meaning it was written with children in mind.
I can hear you groan.

You might be tempted to pass it by because it was written for children.

Please don’t.

This book contains some of the best instruction on the practical use of the Ouija board I have found anywhere.

The book tells the story of Katrina and Elishia, and of their grandmother who patiently instructs them on the use of the board and on some potential hazards and what to do about them if they occur. There is dialogue and the “lessons” are in the context of story.

Granny tells the girls that she herself doesn’t generally use the board because the board is, “just a way of visualizing what you can hear or see on your own,” and I believe this is true but while it is a common criticism of board use among proficient mediums it is also the strength of the board.

If a medium tells you she sees your deceased aunt and describes her perfectly you are convinced (at least some people are). But what if two blindfolded sitters at a board with scrambled letters produce the same description and a message to follow that contains information only you and your aunt know and what if this session is video recorded.

I may be exaggerating but I am doing so for effect.
The strength of the board lies in its physicality, there is an objectivity about it that you don’t find from other forms of mediumship and that is what I see as the boards, so far, untapped potential.

But I digress.

I am supposed to be reviewing the book not speculating about the board’s potential.

The girls want to use the board so their grandmother is going to teach them the best way.
How many grandmothers would simply forbid the use of the board?
Not this one, she uses the opportunity to teach her granddaughters about spirit contact and best practices where spirit contact is concerned.

She tells them, “whatever kinds of thoughts you think in your mind, those are the thing that you will bring into your life,” good advice not only for board use but for life in general.

Grandmother goes on to teach the girls about choice and the power they have in choosing their emotional states. They have the power to allow or not allow any emotion, any feeling, and any entity to influence them. In many ways this is lesson number one: you have the power, you are in control.

As the book progresses we experience an Ouija séance with the girls under the watchful coaching eye of their much more experienced grandmother.

The book is as entertaining as it is informative.
I highly recommend it even if you are a grandmother.
Much love,

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