July 4, 1920 William Fuld has no Faith in Ouija

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July 4, 1920 William Fuld has no Faith in Ouija


The headline of an article published in the Baltimore Sun on July 4, 1920 read, “William Fuld Made $1,000,000 on Ouija but Has No Faith in It.” The subtitle said that although he doesn’t believe that the board has “spiritual powers,” he did show great confidence in the board as a money maker by erecting a new factory to supply the growing demand for the board.

When interviewed by a Sun reported he was painting shutters in work clothes. The reporter was surprised that a man of such success might be in work clothes. I wonder how a person might achieve success without being in work clothes but that was the kind of man William Fuld was. He was hands on from the beginning. He knew how to do every job at his factory, and he knew his competition. If anything he was an excellent businessman with a strong work ethic but I am a little surprised by the allegation of the article.

When asked directly, do you believe in the Ouija board, William reportedly laughed and said, “I should say not. I’m no Spiritualist. I’m a Presbyterian.” The article said that although he makes the board, William “wouldn’t trust it with as much as a question about the weather.”

Successful business people understand who their customers are, what their customers want, and they supply that need. Great business people respect their customer base. Whatever his belief in his product was and I do take him at his word, he provided well for his customers. Even today, years after his death, with all the magnificent custom made boards that are available, nothing takes my breath away like the wood boards manufactured in the later years of the Fuld held company in Baltimore. As far as I am concerned the Fuld boards continue to be the standard by which all other boards are measured.

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