Gerta Lestock

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Gerta Lestock


My first private reading in Lily Dale was with Gerta Lestock.
If you are like most people you have seen mediums and seances portrayed on television or in the movies but you’ve never actually gone to a medium or participated in a séance.

I may not be like most people in that mediums and the ability to contact those on the other side have been a fascination for as far back as I can remember. Nevertheless, I think, the most dramatic difference between the media portrayal of mediumship and the real thing is the atmosphere.

When you sit in a darkened theatre and watch a, usually, horror movie, the séance scene is frightening. And, if you listen to mainstream religious authorities they will enhance this media projected image by telling you that mediumship is a “gateway to hell” or that it will “open you up to demonic influence even demonic possession” (see The Exorcist).

But the first time you sit with a real medium, not a charlatan or a fraud but the real thing, a mediator between those you know and love on the other side and you, the first thing you will notice is the atmosphere of love and peace.

Sitting with a medium is like sitting in the vestibule of heaven because; guess what, you are sitting in the vestibule of heaven.

In Lily Dale I was surrounded by my spirit family 24/7, not that I am not always surrounded by them but in Lily Dale I could see them clearly with my mind’s eye and hear them with my mind’s ear. All the mediums did was confirm what I already knew.

By the way, no matter how proficient you are as a medium I think it helps to sit with other mediums. First, they will have insight that you will have missed. Second, they will have different gifts and observing how they use those gifts will expand and enhance your own. And finally those of us of “like mind” should support and encourage one another.

So I went to see Gerta, a famous medium among mediums though maybe not as famous with the general public as some like for instance Allison DuBois.

Every medium that I sat with privately recorded the session and gave me the cassette recording at the end of the session. I thought that was a nice gesture.

Another point I would like to make is that every medium I sat with in Lily Dale charged a considerably lesser fee than local mediums. This may be because of the volume of sitters in Lily Dale. A medium could read all day and all night long if she elected to do so. Locally the “traffic” isn’t quite as heavy. I do have an opinion about fees, by the way, and so does the National Spiritualist Association of Churches but this isn’t the time or the place to address that issue.

I want to tell you about Gerta.

She told me, “I am going to give you proof that your loved ones are still with you.”

I said, “I don’t need proof. I am already a believer.”

She said, “Giving proof is what a medium does.”

Almost immediately she began to describe my grandfather.
As I recall, in addition to a perfect description she offered his name.

Granddad asked me what I was doing in Lily Dale. He said, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this.”

We both laughed.

Gerta said, “I like him.”

My grandfather was a likable man.
He had and still has a great sense of humor and he never took life quite as seriously as I do and he made it known that I take my life much too seriously. He was concerned because I am always out trying to “change the world” instead of enjoying life as it comes.

He told us that he watched my conventions in November.
I used to produce a convention each November. I no longer do that. He attributed that activity to my silly attempt to “change the world.” He told me I would never change the world but he admired that I wanted to try.

Another funny moment was when granddad gave Gerta the taste of charcoal in her mouth.
You should have seen her face.
It was as if he had actually placed a piece of charcoal in her mouth.

When Gerta asked him to explain he told the story of how he had been present for our father’s day celebration that year. I hosted and I rarely if ever grill but on this day everyone wanted hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. My wife, believing that I would have trouble, purchased this gizmo that was supposed to make getting the charcoal lit easier. It was a tube. You placed paper in the bottom and the charcoal on top. Once you get a blaze you dump the charcoal into the grill.

Yes I know it sounds stupid.
That’s because it is.

So my dad and I are out on the back porch.
It won’t light.
It won’t light.

Finally we add a little lighter fluid to the self-igniting charcoal and …


The blaze was hot heavy and enormous.
The tube became too hot to handle.
I dropped it.
Blazing charcoal went everywhere.

My dad and I miraculously got it rounded up and into the grill.

Granddad said, “I saw you almost set your house ablaze with that stupid charcoal lighter.”

After dinner that day I moved the still warm grill into the garage where I intended to clean it after our company left.

The grill fell over and ashes went everywhere.

“I saw the mess you made in your garage,” Granddad said.

My grandfather, Gerta, and I were all sharing a good laugh by this time.

It is a funny story but most significantly it is a true story that only my father and I witnessed.
Yet somehow Gerta was sharing this story with me.
Because my grandfather was also there, he also witnessed it, and he was telling Gerta about it.

Is this proof of the continuity of life?
If that’s not proof then I don’t know what is.

The three of us shared a great deal more than that father’s day fiasco but it was all far too intimate to share on a public forum.

My grandfather gave Gerta insight into my personality that was downright embarrassing and Gerta had very little hesitation in sharing.
She was right on every score because my grandfather was the source of the insight.

I came away from that sitting astonished, admonished, taught, and with the proof that Gerta promised at the beginning.

Mediums provide proof.
It’s what we do.

Much love,

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