Ouija and the Subconscious Mind

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Ouija and the Subconscious Mind

Hallouija Board

Like any other psychic tool, Ouija is an amplifier of the natural psychic ability inherent in every human being. Hester Smith said that a spirit board, “produces an abnormal condition in the sitter…various qualities come to the surface which lie dormant in the normal state…clairvoyance may appear in a person who shows none of that power otherwise…telepathic powers are developed under the same conditions.” Impressions that may seem vague when presented to your mind alone take on substance and clarity when spelled out on the board.

Critics of the board argue that the messages originate in the subconscious mind of the sitter and are transmitted via subconscious muscular movements. These movements are often referred to as “ideomotor effect” or an “ideomotor response,” (see William Benjamin Carpenter). Many proficient mediums would agree to the extent that the subconscious mind forms a link to Infinite Intelligence, God, the spirit world, and even other minds around us but the intention of the critics is not to suggest a subconscious link to the infinite. Rather they suppose that the source of the message is either the imagination or the subconscious mind of the sitter.

I think the critics, in their devotion to materialism, grossly underestimate the reservoir of knowledge available to us through the subconscious mind. It is through the subconscious that a link is formed to God and by the abstract term “god” I mean to imply not only the creator being but the infinite in general.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you,” Luke 17:21. Of course there are many interpretations of this expression but to me it means we are capable of accessing limitless information through our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious is the link to other minds making telepathy not only possible but probable. Our subconscious contains every thought, memory, or impulse we ever had not only in this life time but in every lifetime assuming you believe in reincarnation.

An alternative to reincarnation might be a twist on the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious. A survey of the literature on reincarnation will yield some astounding results. If we take the phenomena of past life recollections at face value, it seems to me, we are left with one of two explanations: either we each live multiple times and those memories are accessible through our subconscious mind or we can access the memories of other people, who have lived other lives at other times also through our subconscious mind. Either way the spirit board can be of assistance when our objective is the exploration of either our own past lives or the lives of those who have lived in the past.

Even if we dismiss the concept of past life regression altogether, the subconscious mind can connect us with our earliest childhood memories. So, the argument that the spirit board “only connects us to our own subconscious mind” is to me equivalent of saying, “What an indispensable and marvelous tool it is.” What would you give for a tool that could reveal more to you about yourself than any other tool?

Assuming there is no pre-incarnate state, no previous lifetimes, and no other spirits in this vast universe to connect with (and I don’t assume this, just the opposite, but for the sake of argument let me make that assumption for the moment), the information we can learn by tapping into our own subconscious mind is virtually limitless.

Ever since the dawn of Spiritualism the debate has raged over the origin of the information. Is it pure fraud or fiction, is it telepathy, does it originate in the subconscious mind of the medium, or is it evidence of the continuity of life, of human and non-human intelligences external to ourselves?

What is and is not “external” is a complex question. An adequate discussion of this question is beyond the scope and purpose of this book. Whatever the ultimate source, the evidence is clear that information that we had no conscious knowledge of before a sitting can be ours after.
Sometimes the information we receive is reliable and “true,” sometimes not. Anyone who consults a medium or practices any type of mediumship or divination must do so with an awareness of his/her susceptibility to misleading or false information.

The spirit board is a good source of information but the information obtained via a spirit board session should never be accepted uncritically. Check the facts or claims presented at a session and accept only what is demonstrated to be true. The rest is mere entertainment.

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