Tarot and Spirit

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Tarot and Spirit

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If you read most of the books on tarot you might come away believing that a particular card signifies a particular thing. This isn’t necessary an erroneous hypothesis but it is restricting.

In my opinion the emphasis placed on a particular card during interpretation depends on the surrounding cards, what you already know about your sitter, what your intuition is telling you about your sitter, and what Spirit is telling you about your sitter.

Many readers never think to contact Spirt during a reading.

I open every reading by asking Spirit for guidance and I close every reading with thanksgiving and gratitude for the Spirit’s leading. I do this silently but there is no reason why you shouldn’t simply tell your sitter, “I will open by asking Spirit to lead me and close by thanking Spirit for what is provided.”

When I find myself wondering how to interpret a spread or a card, I often ask my spirit guides if they can get in touch with or put me in touch with my sitter’s spirit people. Once I feel I have contact, I will ask them how they want me to interpret what I am seeing in the spread.

Sometimes I hear their voice in my head, other times I get an impression but regardless of how Spirit chooses to communicate with me during a given reading I find that communication to be an invaluable tool. This method of reading will also help you transcend the spread so that you can obtain information about or for your sitter that is not in the spread at all.

Also, this method of interpretation is good prep work for mediumship because it will get you used to and provide you with practice making contact with someone else’s spirit people.

The next time you are reading and feel stuck or want clarification or guidance, give it a try. In fact, make a habit out of it even when you aren’t stuck. I think you’ll be astonished at the results.

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