The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication by Karen A. Dahlman


Until I read The Spirits of Ouija I was convinced that the two greatest books on Ouija had already been written. Those two books are Voices from the Void by Hester Smith (1919), and The Ouija Book by Gina Covina (1979). It is my delight to these two great books to add a third – The Spirits of Ouija.

There are three elements within the pages of The Spirits of Ouija that I believe make it a must read for anyone interested in contact with Spirit or the use of the board.

First, Karen offers solid evidence of the continuity of life. I don’t want to give away in a review what I thought was the most breathtaking part of her book but I was excited by her blindfold test that provided clear evidence to her sitters of the continuity between this life and the next. Our consciousness does survive the transition we call death and we can communicate with those on the other side. Karen has proven this and she provides details of that proof in her book.

The Spirits of Ouija is honest and personal and I think, as a reader, you will find this attractive.

Second, Karen’s tone is positive, affirming, and optimistic. In fact this is the most optimistic book on the use of the spirit board that I have ever read. Karen is convinced that you can have a good and life affirming experience with the board and in her book she will teach you exactly how to achieve that outcome.

Gina Covina and Hester Smith, as talented as they were, they did not live in the time of fear and prejudice that is, in our time, in the back of every person’s mind when they hear the name “Ouija.” Karen address and I believes overcomes that fear with detail after detail of positive experiences over four decades.

Third, Karen offers clear guidance that, if followed, all but assures a positive outcome from your work with the board. In any field of endeavor it helps the beginner greatly if he or she can benefit from the insights of those that have extensive experience. Karen has more than 40 years of successful experience working with the board and you can benefit from her expertise by reading her book.

Many books offer theory, supposition, or speculation about the board. Karen backs everything she says up with documented results. She has kept careful records of her sessions so when she recounts a session or experience there is no loss of detail; she shares it as it happened and every example she chooses to share is in some way instructive.

In her introduction Karen said, “It is liberating to find out that life never ends…the deceased never leave us. You are never alone.” Karen, it is both liberating and refreshing to read a book that not only affirms the continuity of life but demonstrates for one and all how to connect with that eternal life.

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