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It is my goal to bring you the very best links on the subjects of the Victorian age, Ouija, the Tarot, and Mediumship. If you know of a link that should be included please send it my way. If you would like a link exchange, please ask.


Anne Gehman

Konstanza Morning Star

Shirley Yusczyk

Allison Du Bois



Robert Murch

The Museum of Talking Boards

Brandon Hodge

Carnivalia’s Talking Boards 

Great short documentary from the author of Occult America

These are some of my favorite but impossible to get boards. I think the maker is more interested in other artistic endeavors but his boards are breathtaking

Witch Hazel Press makes some interesting boards

Vampirahna – another really good maker

The Witchboard Store – don’t miss these

For the Seekers – a top five maker in my opinion

Mysterious Planchette – this is the site of a planchette collector

The Talking Board Show – an exhibit of some weird and wonderful boards

The following descriptive information is quoted directly from the copy provided at the You Tube link site. It was accessed on Sunday, August 11, 2013.
“Published on Apr 12, 2013, Rosemary Ellen Guiley spoke about the history of the Ouija board, as well as strange cases associated with it. Based on ancient divination systems, the “talking board” was patented in 1891 when it was combined with the planchette. The idea, she explained, was for people to become their own spirit communicators rather than rely on mediums. The patent holders had a session with the board one night, and asked it what it should be called, and reportedly it spelled out O-U-I-J-A. Guiley noted that the board is neutral, but mischievous or negative entities can sometimes come through, such as one known as ZOZO.”
Coast to Coast radio show interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley



The Morris Pratt Institute  

Lily Dale



Biddy Tarot

The American Tarot Association 


Other Awesome Blogs

Vermont Dead Line