The Victorians

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I am a “neo-Victorian.”
I try to surround myself with the Victorian.

I no doubt harbor an idealized view of the age. I realized how idealized when I began to study Jack the Ripper seriously. The crimes of the Ripper called the attention of the world to one of the worst slums in history – White Chapel. Sewage and rats filled the streets and disease was rampant. But for all of its darkness the Victorian age was a formative one. It was in the Victorian age (roughly 1819 to 1901 but I’m going to stretch it at least to the time of the Titanic 1912 and maybe a little bit longer) that Spiritualism was born. It was in the Victorian age that so many of our modern perceptions of the paranormal were shaped and so, in this section, we will explore this era and the people who lived it.

I will tell the stories of people and events that have had the highest impact on me. My objective is not to convey information but emotion. To that end I reserve the right to “poetic license.” That does not mean that I will fabricate but it does mean I am more concerned with the impact of a person or event than I am with the exact details.

Most of what I write will be from memory. If I flub a date or detail or two, I ask in advance for your forgiveness but by all means feel free to correct me.

What I am really trying to communicate in this section is my experience of the Victorian age, how it has impacted my life, and how I hope it will impact yours.

I hope you enjoy these stories immensely.
Much love

The Fox Sisters

Mary Todd Lincoln

William James

The Eddy Brothers

Victoria Woodhull

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Dr. Maria Hayden

Patience Worth

Leonora Piper

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Jack the Ripper

Madame de Ferriem 

William Stainton Moses

Andrew Jackson Davis

Emanuel Swedenborg

Pamela Colman Smith

Edmund Gurney